Recent consumer trends have fueled paradigm shifts in the parcel industry – from greater e-commerce volumes and returns processing to a greater focus on dimensioning, traceability and reduced packaging materials. MHS has the experience and expertise to set up parcel distribution centers for success and keep packages flowing efficiently and error-free. See how MHS can push the envelope in your parcel handling processes.

Parcels Per Day

The number of parcels shipped worldwide continues to grow

Distribution + Fulfillment

Whether an operation is replenishing stores, shipping e-commerce orders or doing both, retail, wholesale and third-party logistics (3PL) distribution and fulfillment facilities face the same challenges regardless of the products they handle. To remain competitive, facilities in every market must better balance a variety of conflicting demands: Ballooning inventories, but increasingly expensive warehouse space. Faster delivery times, but leaner logistics budgets. Higher throughput requirements, but a dwindling labor pool.

Insufficient space

Nearly half of warehouses identify insufficient space as their biggest challenge


With competition only a click away, online retail pressures distribution and fulfillment centers to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations while keeping costs under strict control. MHS combines innovative technology, systems engineering, and support to drive efficient, cost-effective order fulfillment operations, capable of adapting to ever-changing e-commerce realities.

Free shipping most important

3 of 4 online shoppers rate free shipping as top factor for their experience


Material handling systems are more complex than ever, and integrators must manage everything from challenging space constraints to a limited labor pool and an intense pace of change to make a variety of moving parts work together in an efficient symphony. From parcel and e-commerce to food and beverage, manufacturing and more, MHS has the portfolio and expertise to fuel successful projects.

Sq. Ft.

Record levels of new warehouse space in a single year


Manufacturers of both durable and non-durable goods face stiff competition in a global marketplace. Pressure is on to maximize quality, speed to market and product variety, all while overcoming labor challenges, managing regulatory uncertainty and balancing material flow. In such demanding conditions, manufacturers have no tolerance for errors and system downtime. See how MHS can help your plant produce real results.

Unfilled jobs

By 2028, one study estimates as many as 2.4M unfilled manufacturing jobs


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