August 14, 2019

VanRiet proves customer centricity with an update of the HC Sorter.

Sliding shoe sorters are versatile sorting solutions which differentiate from other solutions by the high diversity of sortable products. Large variations in size and weight are no problem for this type of sorter. VanRiet has successfully been designing, building and installing sliding shoe sorters all over the world for many years. These years of experience have led to the development of the HC Sorter. Based on customer feedback, VanRiet has now further developed its HC Sorter. Two important improvements are the single-sided shoes and the electric divert switch.



In addition to the double-sided version of the sliding shoe, we have developed the single-sided version. This version reduces the necessary distances between parcels on single sided sorters. The new wedge of the shoe also prevents damage to parcels when it is accidently trapped between two shoes.The safety margin between parcels can be reduced. The smaller gap between parcels results in a higher capacity of the sorter.


Based on feedback from our customers from the USA, we developed an electrical divert switch. The electrical divert switch is even more silent than the pneumatic divert switch. The innovative and patented high speed divert system which enables reliable sorting at high speeds. Our pneumatic divert switch stays also available.


1. The result of over 30 years of experience: Continuous improvement of our R&D team on sorter performance, A-brand parts and proven technology secure high-quality level.
2. Most silent shoe sorter on the market: Patented shoe design, unique closed deck, low-noise running surface and inside insulation reduces noise level.
3. High maximum speed of 3 m/s.: Patented vertical pneumatic – or electrical divert switch designed for high speed sorting supported by state-of-the-art controls.
4. Accessibility and maintainability as differentiator: Engineered weak points on accessible locations reduce downtime. Critical parts easily accessible and replaceable if necessary.


Are you a system integrator and do you want to integrate the HC Sorter yourself? Profit from:
1. A modular design for simple integration within a total system
2. Support in both design – and installation phase
3. Easy to connect with overarching control system
4. Worldwide support & maintenance