May 07, 2019

DPD | Solid partnership

DPD Polska has opened a new hub in Parzniew to accommodate the projected growth of parcel volumes in the country

Operational excellence is what DPD Polska was looking for in a partner and it’s what the world demands these days. Due to economic growth and customer expectations, the world of parcel shipping is growing too. Increasing parcel volumes made it necessary to expand the existing network by adding a new DPD  hub in the Warsaw area. From the beginning, it was clear DPD Polska wanted a partner with a long track record in the courier express parcel environment that had experience with handling the different types of packages and knowing how to build a future-proof system. Perhaps most importantly, DPD Polska really wanted to feel like a customer and stay in close contact with all the relevant departments within the organization. With VanRiet, DPD Polska found an open and transparent relationship that brings mutual benefits. Both teams worked closely together in the design, realization and service phase, resulting in a successful and in-time operating system before the peak season of 2018.


Maciej Glowacki, director of operation and board member at DPD Polska, said, “Our partner VanRiet has perfectly fulfilled all the assumptions and specifications of the contract we have signed. During implementation of this complex project,  the cooperation went very smoothly and effectively. We appreciate the high-end quality of the VanRiet sorting system we installed in our new hub and the great cooperation with our partner, whom we  do recommend strongly.”

Future-proofing operations

The new  DPD hub will allow the leader in the Polish courier market to considerably increase its logistic potential and to adjust to the dynamic growth rates of e-commerce. The shorter distances between depots enhances transportation efficiency and the company is better prepared for these growing volumes. Because of the tight labor markets, the processes have been designed in a way that they maximize the efficiency of work while making it less physically demanding. The Parzniew hub is one  of most modern facilities of this type in Poland. Besides advanced equipment  and sorters, it also provides comfortable office and social space.


Kamil Bartosinski, development and innovation manager at DPD Polska, comments, “Our new hub will accommodate our future growth and increasing parcel volumes. For this project, we needed a dedicated and professional partner. Working with VanRiet has been a pleasure and together we realized one of the best designs for our sorting system and its integration in the new DPD hub, so now DPD can fully focus on delivering parcels on time to our valued customers.”

Johan Hoelen, sales manager at  VanRiet, adds, “We cooperated smoothly with DPD from the first design up to startup of the sorting system in operation. With the local VanRiet service team, DPD can rely on continued support.”

Key facts
  • Shorter distances between the depots enhances efficiency and DPD is prepared for growing volumes
  • The Parzniew hub features advanced equipment and sorters to handle different types of packages


This article has been published on page 67 of the latest Parcel and Postal Technology International magazine.