April 30, 2019

DPD opens a hyper modern parcel sorting hub in Poland




DPD Polska opened a new hub in Parzniew near Warsaw in October 2018. The Warsaw Regional Hub serves the Warsaw region, North-Eastern and Eastern Poland. This investment will allow the leader on the Polish courier market to significantly increase its logistic potential and to adjust to the dynamic growth rates of e-commerce. The new logistic model assumes a certain extent of decentralisation of logistic processes. Shorter distances between depots and the Parzniew hub, enhance transport efficiency and the company is better prepared for growing volumes resulting from the growth e-commerce. DPD Polska is planning the development of its infrastructure in this model.

The new hub consists of over 11 thousand m2 of storage space and almost 3 thousand m2 of office space. Smooth parcel processing will be facilitated by 120 gates and a manoeuvring area of over 4.6 hectare. VanRiet delivered a two-level sorting machine, equipped with 90 telescopic conveyor belts and a capacity of 15 thousand standard packages per hour. Additionally the hub is equipped  with two lines for processing non-standard parcels, with the capacity of 6 thousand parcels per hour, as well as two belts for small parcels and flyers, processing 10 thousand parcels per hour.

Maciej GÅ‚owacki, Director of Operations and board member, DPD Polska: “Our partner VanRiet has perfectly fulfilled all the assumptions and specifications of the contract we have signed. While the implementation of this complex project, the cooperation went very smoothly and effectively. We appreciate the high-end quality of the Van Riet sorting facilities we installed in our new hub and the great cooperation with our partner, who we do recommend strongly.”

Ultimately the hub will employ approximately 250 people and 25% of them will be women. The processes have been designed to maximise the efficiency of work while making it less physically demanding. The Parzniew hub is one of most modern facilities of this type in Poland. Besides advanced equipment and sorters it also provides comfortable office and social space. The warehouse was designed as „Build to suit”, which assumes adaptation of the building to previously parameterised devices, tailor made to the client’s needs.