In the fashion industry today, there are more changes than there are seasons. Material handling in this branch simply means maximum flexibility. Nowadays, deliveries are not just made to hundreds of stores, but direct sales have become an important distribution channel. Logistics must service both parties at the same time. Return shipments must be processed properly, doing so provides you with a competitive edge.

The distribution for the fashion and footwear industry show much more resemblances these days. In the fashion industry, the need for distribution solutions for hanging garments diminishes. It takes too much time to distribute. If the clothes are folded and put in bags or boxes, faster distribution is possible. Then the distribution solutions for the sortation of clothes show much resemblance to the solutions needed for the footwear industry.

For this reason and since this industry is subjected to the same changes in consumer demand that have an impact on the distribution of goods, the solutions for the total industry are interpreted on the basis of the footwear industry.

The fashion and footwear branch is very much subjected to consumers ever changing demand, which changes more frequent than the seasons of the year do. New developed collections must become available to the consumer in no time. Your distribution channel has become a key lever for succes, which should be exploit. The complexibility of your supply chain has become bigger, for consumers have also gained the opportunity to buy products through multiple channels. Bulk products will need to be stored, transported directly to the stores or should be unpacked for the individual orders that are purchased through e-commerce sites.This also implies that return shipments should be dealt with. The transport and storage systems must be suitable for all these channels and thus provide you with a total omni-channel solution.

Fast sortation and distribution is key to comply to this demand. Even if the size of packages change due to the seasons of the year, the capacity that can be distributed must be the same. With this complex needs of your distribution, insight is required. It will ease you to deliver the products fast and in compliance with consumers needs.



This is how Wortmann sorts & ships over 500.000 pairs of shoes per day. The Wortmann case gives a good insight in the usage of VANRIET solutions as the Sliding Shoe Sorter and the developed short-stay buffer area.



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Every year, too many accidents take place on the work floor. Besides the personal dramas, you can be confronted with replacement costs, damage to goods and decreased motivation of personnel. Accidents can be prevented by, among others, good internal procedures and regulations, an orderly lay-out of the work floor, proper signposting, the use of warning signs and other visual aids and timely maintenance. Investments in safety are always worthwhile. 

Service is often presented as a friendly bonus or even as an option. VanRiet sees service as an integral part of an intra-logistic solution and a crucial activity that ensures that your business processes are not disrupted. Maximum availability is our aspiration. Support & maintenance are crucial to ensure that business processes are not disrupted. You can consult or use our Lifecycle Performance Services department to guarantee maximum uptime and continuous improvement.