In the market of flowers and potted plants, it’s all about speed. After all, these are fresh goods that need to stay fresh. The tulips are picked today, traded at auction and delivered to Japan by tomorrow. Worldwide, growers invest in new varieties that must comply with increasingly greater demands. The proceeds per square feet should show an upward line. Issues such as refinement, a good storage technique and professional temperature regulation, humidity and light intensity are typical traits of a trade that, over the past decades, has transformed from a labor-intensive to a more innovative and capital-intensive market.


Cargo transport is therefore a costly business in this agrarian sector due to the demands with regard to cooling and protection of the goods. Besides the investment in floriculture, we see increasing investments in seed-cultivation. These technological efforts must be recovered in a business which is played at an international level to an increasing amount of players. A market segment in which the provider of standardized proven intralogistics and branch-related solutions, VanRiet, is adding value for decades already. VanRiet shares its services and knowledge with the goal to achieve the best solution together with the customer.

It is therefore not remarkable that investments in intralogistics systems, such as sorting installations and transporters, need to be very profitable. One small error or an illogical system design and the tight margins are gone. Often, cross docking systems are applied as goods are usually advanced straight away.

Intelligent sorting systems must ensure that the flowers are in the truck and on their way to the customer without delay. These sorting systems reduce the amount of needed manual labor, while the accuracy increases. Erroneous deliveries are a thing of the past.

Because of the freshness of the product, system availability plays an important role in this sector. VanRiet already tests the systems and models in the design phase and during the delivery, perfect functioning is checked meticulously. Inevitable maintenance is reduced to a minimum and planned at times the customer will experience minimal hindrance. Innovation is a trait that characterizes both the flower industry and VanRiet. All software for the systems is developed in-house and extra attention is paid to monitoring systems, so you always have a good overview of your installation.



Flowers and the Netherlands are inseparable. VanRiet has been a proud supplier of internal transport and sorting solutions for the flower industry since the early beginning of the company. Whether plastic totes are filled with water and sunflowers or empty, through zonepicking and packaging areas, your flowers are sound and safe in our hands.



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Every year, too many accidents take place on the work floor. Besides the personal dramas, you can be confronted with replacement costs, damage to goods and decreased motivation of personnel. Accidents can be prevented by, among others, good internal procedures and regulations, an orderly lay-out of the work floor, proper signposting, the use of warning signs and other visual aids and timely maintenance. Investments in safety are always worthwhile. 

Service is often presented as a friendly bonus or even as an option. VanRiet sees service as an integral part of an intra-logistic solution and a crucial activity that ensures that your business processes are not disrupted. Maximum availability is our aspiration. Support & maintenance are crucial to ensure that business processes are not disrupted. You can consult or use our Lifecycle Performance Services department to guarantee maximum uptime and continuous improvement.