Service is an integral part of our intralogistic solutions and a crucial activity to secure performance levels and ensure your processes run as planned. Our service is tailor made. Before, during and after installation of your system we discuss your wishes and propose a solution that suits your needs best. The result is a service contract that will provide relief, enabling you to take care of daily business while we ensure optimal system availability.


Keep your flow running at maximum performance.

A smooth and successful daily operation is as dependent on the operators and technicians working with the system as it is on the system itself. System availability and performance is influenced by how we use, clean and maintain them daily. The correct working method, cleaning routine, regular checks and resolving small issues is vital to minimize downtown and ensure maximum system availability.
At VanRiet we offer a customer specific training program for operators, supervisors and local maintenance crew on daily usage, cleaning and resolving most common small malfunctions. Both a basic operator’s training and a more extensive technical training on VanRiet products are available in the program. A certificate will be granted after successful completion of the course.
It is better to prevent than to cure. This is particularly true for your automated transport and sorting system, the backbone of your operation. Downtime would seriously impact your daily business in a negative way and corrective interventions are far less cost and time effective.
For this reason, it is highly recommended to have insight in the status of your system. Periodic inspections by VanRiet experts provide these insights and form the basis for a maintenance advice, upon which proactively can be acted. Even though your own trained and skilled technical team is working on site, it’s advisable to have an occasional inspection by a VanRiet maintenance expert. The inspection report of your system will be discussed, so an advice for further maintenance specified to the needs of your system can be provided.
Although we do our utmost to live up to the promise that the risk of downtime is minimized, unforeseen breakdowns can always occur. And we understand it’s always bad timing.
That’s why we have a remote support team available to help you solve the issue as quickly as possible. VanRiet remote support can provide you with support via phone, e-mail or videoconference. Customers will always be in touch with one of our available experts who can creating a stable VPN connection between VanRiet and your system to determine whether the problem can be solved remotely.
Scheduled maintenance is all about minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime and maximizing system performance. This is done by the realization of maintenance actions proposed in the advice, scheduled in such a way that the impact on your operation is minimal.
Planning these interventions to maintain system availability and performance is always done after consultation with our customers. This means that our customers are always aware where and when maintenance will be conducted and whether the system works to the best of its ability again afterwards. While you are taking care of your business, rest assured that VanRiet takes care of maintaining your system performance, so one less worry.
In the event of a breakdown which cannot be solved remotely we will provide you with onsite support to make sure your operation is up and running again as soon as possible. Either a member of our own support team or a local VanRiet service partner will come your way and is briefed on the go, so immediately available upon arrival.
Onsite, the support engineer has specially developed software tools at his disposal to find the malfunction and the best solution to ensure that you are fully operational.
Solving an occurring breakdown is much easier having the right spare parts at hand. To minimize downtime and assure customers of having correct parts available, a pre-selected spare parts package is always suggested customized to your needs and desired risk level. When a part is not directly available on site, it can easily be ordered.