May 09, 2019

Mega-project DHL Express nearing completion

With construction phase II recently completed, the largest construction project in the history of DHL Express Austria has reached its final phase. Around 10 percent of the almost 9,000 m² of hall and office space still has to be furnished, so that around 180 employees will have state-of-the-art workplaces at the Linz-Hörsching location.

Ken Straetman (Linz-Hörsching, Project Manager) about this mega-project: ‘When DHL Express Austria issues a tender for a sorting system, we do not only want the best technical solution, but we also look for a strong partner who understands our business. The express business is growing at a fast pace with an increasing complexity of requirements, therefor we need flexible solutions and a supplier that can provide these within a tight schedule. Since we worked with VanRiet before we are convinced that they can deliver high quality solutions IN TIME… and that is what the express business is all about.’



Ken Straetman: ‘What we really appreciate is that we don’t only have a business partnership, but a real collaboration during the design phase and work together with the engineers of VanRiet as one team with the same goals…We needed a high level of flexibility for this sort system combining a road Hub with an Air Gateway and a Courier Service Center in one facility, with all the complexity that comes with it and together with the VanRiet engineers we managed to design a very versatile system that sets us up for the future.’


Special emphasis has also been placed on the security of customer shipments. Ken Straetman: ‘Our sorting technology is fully geared towards avoiding errors. Sensors detect whenever there is free space on the conveyor belt, for example, and by means of a zipper system, each package is assigned a position that excludes physical contact with the other packages and thus prevents damage.’

The ultra-modern sorting line is particularly groundbreaking. Currently in its final installation phase, the VanRiet sorter will achieve a parcel throughput of around 6000 pieces per hour with a daily handled weight of 325 tons.

Particular attention has also been paid to the energy-efficient use of all the technology at the site. The lighting of the rooms and outdoor areas is sensor controlled, using presence, movement and daylight detection. This means that lighting is only provided in areas where actual work is being done and is adapted to the amount of daylight available. If the desired/prescribed light intensity is no longer achieved, the intelligent lighting system will add just enough light to achieve the desired level.

For the first time, DHL Express will also be using solar panels on its roof surfaces. This will allow the international parcel and courier specialist to save an additional 63,000 kilograms in CO2 emissions, further reducing its carbon footprint by 11 percent.

This future proof and environmentally friendly site allows DHL Express to fully focus on their main goal: ‘DHL  Express puts the customer in the center of every process, so we need a sorting system our customers can rely on. Reliability and an outstanding cooperation are paramount for a long-lasting partnership and with VanRiet we have that partner who enables us to deliver the best quality to our customers, so they can be successful.’ according to Ken Straetman.