August 17, 2019

Orsay Poland is future-proof with new VanRiet sorting solution.

Orsay is a women’s fashion brand with 600 stores across Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Poland, Orsay is active in Retail as well in E-commerce. Their E-commerce business is growing rapidly, to meet this growth Orsay was looking for a future-proof sorting solution. The heart of the new system is the VanRiet HC Sorter.



Orsay concluded their old infrastructure was not efficient enough anymore. To keep up the pace with the double-digit growth, a solid future-proof solution was needed to handle the growth figures and to ensure a reliable operation. In very close cooperation, VanRiet and Orsay found the right sorting solution to make the operation ready for today and tomorrow.

Anna Fresel, Head of Distribution Center Orsay Wroclaw: Cooperating with VanRiet resulted in very good advice during the complete project, leading to the successful implementation of their high-quality shoe sorting technology, giving our operation an efficiency boost.


The sorting solution allows Orsay to schedule, plan, predict and organize their operation in a better way than they did before. A necessity, as they do not only sell and ship to customers in Poland but already to seven other countries on a regular basis. Good, fast and reliable sorting is key in this process, so the VanRiet HC Sorter is a perfect fit. The products are packed in a wide range of box sizes as well as in Polybags, which the HC Sorter can handle flawlessly. The VanRiet HC Sorter allows Orsay to sort goods at a speed of 6.000 products per hour.

At the E-Commerce department of Orsay in Wroclaw, packing stations are feeding the conveyor system leading to the HC Sorter. These lines are merged into one and leading to the main sorting area where products are scanned for identification and sorted to one of the 46 exits in the distribution area.

With this sorting solution, Orsay is indeed ready for the future, today.