March 09, 2021

Modern Materials Handling: CMMS takes aim at predictive maintenance

From Modern Materials Handling

No one likes unpredictability. It’s unsettling. Usually disruptive. Costly, too.

But the unpredictability that most plant and DC managers would never tolerate in their processes and workflows, they often accept in maintenance. In fact, many not only live with maintenance unpredictability but almost expect it. Some go so far as to embrace it by accepting a fix-it-when-it-breaks philosophy. That’s a long way from the world of predictive maintenance most everyone agrees is the Holy Grail going forward.

Enter the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). While not new, CMMS tends to be most prevalent in larger and newer facilities. But at all facilities where it is operating, CMMS is today very much a work in progress.

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