April 16, 2021

DC Velocity: Brandon Coats of MHS on applications for AI

From DC Velocity

How can artificial intelligence drive warehouse operations? Can spending on new technologies boost supply chain resilience? And a warehouse automation project completed in less than 90 days. Pull up a chair and join us, as the editors of DC Velocity discuss these stories, as well as news and supply chain trends, on this week's Logistics Matters podcast.

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Inside Supply Management: The smart approach

Warehouses and distribution centers can optimize processes and operations, as well as mitigate such challenges as labor shortages, through technologies and applications that are increasingly accessible.

Modern Materials Handling: Getting non-conveyables under control

Some items are just too big, too small, too heavy or too irregularly shaped for standard conveyors and require special handling. With the right planning and resource allocation, you've got this.

MHS launches dedicated robotics division

New spinoff from R+D is known as MHS Robotics, develops advanced technologies both in-house and through external partnerships to solve real-world challenges with robotics.