Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Automate load transportation


Today’s operations face an increasingly challenging labor situation, with difficulty finding and retaining quality staff. Autonomous mobile robots can handle basic load transportation tasks completely independently, offering a solution to reduce labor requirements as components of complete, integrated automation solutions.
Autonomous mobile robots offer the latest navigation technology, requiring no wires, magnets, tape or other guidance infrastructure like traditional AGVs. Instead, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology enable robots to build their own map of the operating environment and use onboard sensors and cameras to process their surroundings, self-locate and navigate based on real-time conditions. This makes mobile robots a more flexible solution, capable of adjusting routes and adapting to changing facility layouts without intervention or reinstallation of guidance infrastructure.
MHS provides the deep operational expertise and systems integration experience to put mobile robots to work as effective parts of complete systems, maximizing throughput and making the most of limited labor resources. 

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