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MHS announced the acquisition of VanRiet in May 2018 and OCM in August of the same year, expanding the company’s footprint in Europe and China. In the years since the acquisition, MHS has worked to support the research and development of new technologies, and market advanced automated solutions to a growing global market, backed with responsive local support. The foundations of MHS Suqian consist of the ‘VRT’ (VanRiet Technologies) heritage and its entrepreneurial spirit.

VanRiet operations in Suqian date back to 2006 when a joint venture in Shanghai by the name of AE-VanRiet was established, followed by the founding of VRT (VanRiet Technologies) in 2012. Since then, the location in the Jiangsu province functioned as a supplier to other VanRiet locations, as well as an independent solutions provider to system integrators in China and the Southeast Asia region. By the name of MHS Suqian, it will continue to develop these roles in close cooperation with the marketing and sales office located in Suzhou (MHS Suzhou) to ensure essential accessibility to customers. Teamed up with other MHS locations globally it is focusing on creating new business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. With its dedicated production facilities, devoted sales team, and over 40 location employees in total, MHS Suqian has had the going Above + Beyond spirit in its DNA for quite some years already.

Our locations are based on family business traditions, with strong social values and people caring about people. This translates into caring about customers and colleagues and ensuring long-lasting relationships. Working at MHS means working on breakthrough solutions for leading customers in Courier Express Parcel and Distribution + Fulfillment markets in an expanding environment with many opportunities. “We go over, go under, go around or go through – but never give up.” We call this going Above + Beyond.

MHS Suqian (CN)

No 309, Fu Min Da Dao, Suqian Economic Development Zone
223800, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province
+86 527 88991860

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