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Maximize quality, efficiency and adaptability with single-source control solutions



From sortation and conveyor to AS/RS, palletizing and more, you need an efficient, easily scalable controls solution that maximizes top-line benefit of integrated systems – not disconnected islands of automation. MHS combines the design approach, expertise and production capability to provide turnkey controls ready to grow with even the most sophisticated systems.


Closeup of the ControlBlox's intricate circuits.



Central panels and messy, long runs of wiring? Not here. ControlBlox, the distributed controls architecture from MHS, uses a localized, modular design that distributes I/O and motor control throughout the facility.

  • Modular – Easy to customize, fast to install and simple to expand, reconfigure or incorporate in new projects.
  • Pre-engineered and pre-built – Can be rapidly deployed with the shortest lead times in the industry, helping reduce overall cost.
  • Localized connections – Enable safer, simpler and faster maintenance, while making issues easier to detect and troubleshoot in the first place.


Man assembles a control panel



MHS has extensive experience engineering, designing, and fabricating control panels – enabling us to provide complete solutions with minimal subcontracting.

  • Simple vendor management – MHS builds all control panels in-house, handling wiring and fabrication.
  • Broad compatibility  – Tailored to your organization’s standard, with a successful track record supporting Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and more.
  • Standards Compliant – MHS is a UL-compliant panel fabricator certified to build panels compliant with CE guidelines. All NFPA, NEC, and CSA codes and guidelines are followed.




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