COVID-19 statement

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, the health and wellbeing of our customers and employees remain our top priorities. Safety is one of our core values at MHS, and we take seriously our responsibility to prevent further spread of the virus. We have taken a number of steps to ensure the safety of our employees and those they come into contact with, while also maintaining business operations and protecting the interests of our customers.

  • Despite the situation, our Account Managers and Technical Professionals remain active and available for both remote and limited onsite visits. We encourage teleconferencing and we have made work from home arrangements.
  • MHS wants to keep traveling to an absolute minimum, therefore planned meetings may be postponed or rescheduled to an online meeting instead. This may vary from day to day and therefore we may have to change appointments within 24 hours. MHS will pull back all employees who work in areas that have been appointed by governments as a potential risk.
  • At the moment we are not experiencing shortages in our supply chain. However, this depends on various sources and may change overnight as well.
  • We are carefully managing resources and monitoring project schedules to limit or avoid any impact to our customers.
  • The Tech Support Team is fully operational for remote support.
  • We are taking strict precautions to prevent spreading the virus. These include following social distancing guidelines, isolating work groups/crews and providing continuous education/reinforcement on best hygiene practices for those who cannot work remotely or those who are working at customer facilities.
  • If one of the members of our team shows even the mildest symptoms, they must stay at home respecting the quarantine regulations of 14 days.

We are working hard to maximize our capabilities and remain responsive and flexible, while letting our humanity lead. While we’ve made several changes and will continue to do so as company and customer needs dictate, we are doing everything possible to minimize any impact to our customers. However, our assembly and support operations are subject to conjunctions we may not control or anticipate. This may affect lead times.

We value your support as we all face these challenges together.
On this webpage we will update you if and as the facts above evolve.