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Today’s operations need close control over the finely tuned symphony of automated equipment responsible for maximizing productivity in parcel handling, e-commerce, and other logistics facilities. The right HMI and visualization solutions are critical to providing visibility into system performance and quick access to system data for faster maintenance and information sharing.
User-friendly, minimalistic designs and intuitive, zoomable functionality allow even non-engineers to get the most out of automated systems. High-level dashboards and detailed equipment statuses are easily accessible, allowing everyone from upper management to maintenance technicians to get the information they need, where and when they need it – on both work stations and mobile devices.


Through the proprietary Zooming Operator Environment (ZOE) platform and comprehensive equipment controls expertise, MHS provides the HMI tools operations need for visibility, flexibility, and insight.




  • Quick data retrieval -  Access to all system documentation through a single user-friendly interface


  • Zoomable - View systems at a bird’s eye level or zoom deeper into CAD drawings, tag names, product manuals and more


  • On-the-go accessibility - View entire projects via mobile devices, laptops, and most tablets


  • Customizable - Built-in development tools allow engineers to tailor HMI to match the exact system, with custom dashboards offering visibility to the right information


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