Adapt to evolving challenges and compete in a global marketplace

From small, specialty operations to large, global corporations, manufacturers today must overcome a unique combination of pressures. Just-in-time strategies, greater product variety, limited floorspace and decreased reliance on labor all converge to require new, innovative ways to optimize the various processes in the production environment. Solutions from MHS play a critical role in optimizing material handling operations in manufacturing facilities, whether you handle individual or case quantities for direct-store deliveries or pallet loads for wholesale replenishment. Our dedicated teams create solutions to solve challenges throughout the manufacturing facility and supply chain, optimizing everything from kitting, buffering, storage and internal load transportation to e-commerce and in-store order fulfillment. Our approach offers a comprehensive package of products, system design, on-time installation, ongoing support and willingness to go above and beyond to solve the mission-critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

2.4M unfilled jobs By 2028, one study estimates as many as 2.4M unfilled manufacturing jobs
16% of global GDP Manufacturing is a significant driver of the global economy
73% cite workforce as top concern Manufacturers view the skills gap as a major threat

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