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Breakthrough data overload and solve real problems


Data is playing a bigger role in businesses and daily life, with everything from wearables, homes, airplanes and even supply chains labeled as ‘smart’ or ‘connected.’ Gaining a sense of how the Internet of Things (IoT) applies to specific parts of the supply chain is a challenge, with plenty of options to cover entire facilities with sensors, but little direction to put the right data to work for practical, targeted insights.
As distribution centers face increasing volumes and velocity, IoT holds great potential to address real, practical concerns, namely monitoring and maintaining critical automated systems. With larger facilities spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, adequately staffing maintenance operations quickly becomes untenable. But the show must always go on and incorporating the right data into an intelligent system can success in today’s e-commerce-driven supply chain landscape. 
MHS has the unique combination of IoT and industry expertise to drive targeted, data-driven insights that solve real problems facing distribution centers - helping boost labor efficiency, limit unplanned downtime and address safety challenges. Rather than monitoring thousands of data points, MHS focuses on the most critical assets and failure-prone areas to provide the most value in the most efficient framework.
Work smarter to save time and money, and stay ahead of the ever-increasing pace of today’s supply chains.



  • Predictive maintenance - Service equipment based on data specific to each component – not generic guidelines – for a higher level of precision and more efficient maintenance spend


  • Automated continuous monitoring - Trade daily inspections for sensor-based reporting, allowing maintenance manager to more effectively deploy technicians, improving labor efficiency and reducing maintenance hours


  • Machine learning - Simulate expected behavior of monitored assets with greater accuracy by the day, determining when deviations occur and enabling greater maintenance precision


  • Integration - Reduce administrative and clerical work required to keep facilities running via integration with computerized maintenance management systems, ordering, inventory and work order delegation tools




Figure 1. Real data example of an impending failure detection by MHS Insights followed by corrective action and a return to standard levels.


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