Automated sorting solutions for irregular items

All items not included in the standard conveyable parcel range due to their size, weigh, shape – the so-called non-conveyable – needs to be processed separately. With dedicated automated sorting solutions, MHS can help customers to address this issue.
The benefits of a fully automated solution for irregular parcels include increased productivity, full traceability of data, reliable measurements, compliance with requirements for legal certification of measurements (LFT – Legal For Trade).

Polisorter moves different kinds of items efficiently fully automated: parallelepipeds, irregular shapes, cylindrical and very bulky, large and unbalanced parcels. The system can be easily integrated with a dimensioning, weighing, scanning system (DWS tunnel system) for a complete tracked and traced flow. It can be a stand-alone solution or introduce inconsistency with the existing conveyable-parcel sorting system.