Modern sortation challenges and considerations

White Paper

Traditional sortation technologies like sliding shoe sorters and cross-belt systems are called on to adapt, while operations also deploy newer technologies and approaches like mobile robots. This white paper outlines the capabilities of different sortation technologies and examines the characteristics operations should consider when assessing solutions for their facility.

How to improve safety into your sorting center

White Paper

In the automation world, safety is of the utmost importance. On the one hand, automated material handling systems perform difficult tasks that keep operators out of hard and unsafe conditions. On the other hand, the same automation equipment and system must be intrinsically safe for operators.

E-commerce fulfillment technologies


Adopting automation isn’t a simple task. An effective order fulfillment system requires assembling the right mix of material handling technologies and software – and integrating them to work in sync. This infographic outlines the types of technologies to consider when planning your investment.


Case Study

When Coolblue, a fast-growing European online retailer, needed to automate their sortation processes, they turned to MHS. This case study examines how our HC Sorter helped them sort thousands of packages per hour and perform during a challenging peak season

Conveyor systems


From parcel carriers to e-commerce warehouses, conveyors are critical infrastructure formoving goods through facilities efficiently. This brochure outlines the roller-and belt-driven conveyor and singulation solutions MHS can provide to match your exact needs for throughput, handling, product size and more.