UPS Centennial Hub Case Study

When global parcel carrier UPS opened its Louisville Centennial Ground Operations Hub in 2007, the company already planned to expand and modernize the 257,000 square foot facility. Originally built for loading delivery vans making metro-area deliveries, the facility processed 39,000 packages per hour.

MHS Robotics Brochure

MHS offers the industry experience and technology expertise to translate the theoretical benefit of robotics into real-world value. From singulating products, transporting loads, picking individual items and more, MHS robotics can automate repetitive tasks and allow employees to be reassigned to higher-value roles, boosting worker engagement and reducing operating costs.

MHS Singulation Brochure

MHS offers proven robotic and roller belt-driven solutions to automate the singulation process, providing consistent performance and occupying significantly less space than large controlled merge systems.

MHS Helix Brochure

MHS doesn’t do off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we analyze your warehouse DNA and draw on decades of experience to create a warehouse software solution designed around your unique requirements, customized to handle the complexity of your operation. MHS Helix takes a modular approach, producing a solution tailored to match unique requirements for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment, without the complications of one-off, custom programming.

Sortation Solutions

MHS handles all aspects of sortation projects in-house, from design, engineering, and installation to controls, manufacturing and ongoing service. This single-source, turnkey approach expedites project timelines and simplifies troubleshooting, ensuring high-quality systems that run at peak efficiency as part of advanced automated solutions.

Overcoming the W_S acronym overload

WMS. WCS. WES. Let’s face it: the industry faces a W_S acronym overload— to the point even the most seasoned warehouse professionals can find the software market a confusing scene.