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How to Manage Non-Conveyable Parcels

As the flow of goods continues to rise, so too does the demand for automated systems capable of handling, detecting, measuring and sorting parcels. With the boom of e-commerce and increasing shipments in the B2C and more recently in the C2C sectors, the types of parcels automated systems are tasked with sorting have become increasingly diverse.

How to Navigate a Maturing Warehouse Robotics Market

In the face of a challenging labor market and increasingly capable automation, many operations are set to make their first foray into robotics – if they haven’t already. This white paper discusses how advancements in robotic technology can enable warehouse operations to automate more complex tasks.

UPS Centennial Hub

UPS worked with MHS to expand and update its 257,000 square foot Louisville Centennial Ground Operations Hub to keep up with explosive e-commerce volumes. This case study examines how the modernization project doubled the sortation capacity to 85,000 packages per hour, ahead of schedule and on-budget.

Warehouse robotics

Translating the theoretical benefit of robotics into real-world value requires industry experience paired with technology expertise. This brochure provides an overview of some of the repetitive tasks that MHS robotics can automate, from singulating products and transporting loads to picking individual items.