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Facility with conveyor systems MHS Helix Brochure

MHS doesn’t do off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we analyze your warehouse DNA and draw on decades of experience to create a warehouse software solution designed around your unique requirements, customized to handle the complexity of your operation. MHS Helix takes a modular approach, producing a solution tailored to match unique requirements for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment, without the complications of one-off, custom programming.

Sortation Solutions

MHS handles all aspects of sortation projects in-house, from design, engineering, and installation to controls, manufacturing and ongoing service. This single-source, turnkey approach expedites project timelines and simplifies troubleshooting, ensuring high-quality systems that run at peak efficiency as part of advanced automated solutions.

Boxes on a couple pallet trucks in a warehouse facility Overcoming the W_S acronym overload

WMS. WCS. WES. Let’s face it: the industry faces a W_S acronym overload— to the point even the most seasoned warehouse professionals can find the software market a confusing scene.