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UPS Centennial Hub

UPS worked with MHS to expand and update its 257,000 square foot Louisville Centennial Ground Operations Hub to keep up with explosive e-commerce volumes. This case study examines how the modernization project doubled the sortation capacity to 85,000 packages per hour, ahead of schedule and on-budget.

Warehouse robotics

Translating the theoretical benefit of robotics into real-world value requires industry experience paired with technology expertise. This brochure provides an overview of some of the repetitive tasks that MHS robotics can automate, from singulating products and transporting loads to picking individual items.


Growing package volumes and increased product flow challenge operations to convert bulk flow into a single-file stream of product ready for automated sortation systems. This brochure details the proven robotic and roller belt-driven solutions from MHS that automate the singulation process.

MHS Helix

Off-the-shelf warehouse software can fall short of unique facility requirements, while custom programming presents inefficient complexity. This brochure introduces MHS Helix, our modular approach to warehouse software that produces a lean, best-fit tool for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Sortation solutions

Today’s e-commerce-driven supply chains depend on sortation solutions to keep product moving. This brochure details MHS’s sortation offerings, including cross-belt, sliding shoe, diverter and swivel wheel solutions.

Overcoming the W_S Acronym Overload

WMS. WCS. WES. The industry faces a W_S acronym overload — to the point even the most seasoned warehouse professionals can find the software market confusing. This paper examines the differences and presents an alternative approach – a modular package customized to the unique needs of each operation.

Is the Lights-Out Warehouse Coming?

“Lights-out warehouses,” or facilities that rely entirely on automation, remain rare despite growing interest in extensive use of automation and robotics. But that’s not to say it’s not on the horizon. This white paper examines the forces and technologies leading the way to this reality.