Light-directed fulfillment Systems

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Maximize labor productivity in

mission-critical picking processes


In the always-on world of e-commerce, consumers not only expect access to a broad inventory but delivery that is both fast and free. Competition is only a click away and logistics operations are responsible for much of the customer experience – getting the right order, to the right location, on time. It starts with order fulfillment operations, and light-guided systems are critical to maximizing efficiency in fulfillment workflows.
Light-guided systems are an efficient, accurate alternative to paper-based systems, with a proven track record of boosting productivity and accuracy. Simple, easy-to-read displays make training easy, enabling new employees to be productive more quickly than ever. With warehouse jobs becoming increasingly difficult to fill and plagued by high turnover rates, light technology enables operations to get consistent, efficient results in a variety of mission-critical order fulfillment processes.

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Provide clear, light-directed instruction to guide pickers through the order picking process.


Direct employees with lights to handle fast-moving items, order consolidation and more.

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