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Keep products moving in, around and through facilities


With operations facing more SKU variety and greater throughput requirements than ever, conveyor systems must be flexible and provide long-lasting, reliable performance to fuel critical supply chain functions. MHS leverages deep expertise and decades of experience to match operations with the right conveyor products to manage the efficient flow of cartons, polybags, totes, and pallets.
From accumulation and elevation changes to transportation and merging, MHS integrates roller- and belt-driven conveyor with other automation components to connect logistics processes in a space-efficient design. Systems are engineered for easy maintenance and to keep downtime to a minimum, with room to expand when growth dictates.  

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Parcel + Carton
Parcel + Carton

Keep products moving efficiently, from polybags and plastic totes to rigid corrugate cases and everything in between.

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Handle large, bulky loads and keep food and beverage, wholesale distribution and more running smoothly.

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