MHS introduces IoT-based predictive maintenance solution for logistics facilities

MHS introduces IoT-based predictive maintenance solution for logistics facilities

(Mt. Washington, Ky.) March 9, 2020 – MHS ( announces the launch of a new warehouse software solution built to address the challenges distribution and fulfillment centers face as a result of e-commerce growth. MHS Helix consists of template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functions, designed to work together in customized configurations according to each facility’s unique requirements.

“With distribution centers becoming increasingly complex, getting all the processes aligned using traditional warehouse software systems can result in runaway complexity, with several layers of software, redundancy and one-off customizations,” says Tab Fischbach, senior vice president of business development for distribution and fulfillment, MHS. “Our approach with Helix is to keep things simple, with ready-made modules that allow businesses to scale with new functionality while maintaining a single, lean platform.”

The ability to grow the software platform to match business requirements is an ideal fit for operations characterized by fast growth and change. As inventories swell and order volumes grow, businesses must adapt warehouse infrastructure, implementing new automation and guided work technologies, inventory management processes, order fulfillment workflows and more. Helix is designed for this ongoing evolution, allowing users to simply add the corresponding module as business dictates.

MHS Helix works seamlessly and securely across enterprise systems and machine-level controllers alike, providing the split-second response and information accessibility to keep operations moving. A variety of features get information to key stakeholders when and how they prefer, including email and SMS alerts, extensive logging, an informative status display interface and more.

Visit MODEX booth #7646 to speak to an expert about the company’s MHS Helix warehouse software solution.

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About MHS

Founded in 1999, MHS Global is a full-service provider of innovative material handling systems that solve the challenges of distribution and fulfillment operations. We take a comprehensive, customer-centric approach that includes custom engineering, design, manufacturing and turnkey integration services. Our quality solutions leverage a broad range of controls and automated equipment, including but not limited to sorters, conveyors, extendable loading and unloading systems. We provide complete, responsive support to maintain systems for peak performance, with predictive analytics and local technicians to maximize long-term value and return on investment.

MHS has a global installed base of over $5 billion for small to large distribution and fulfillment projects in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, parcel, third party logistics and outside integrators.

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