Safety in your sorting center - White Paper

In the automation world, safety is of the utmost importance. On the one hand, automated material handling systems perform difficult tasks that keep operators out of hard and unsafe conditions. On the other hand, the same automation equipment and system must be intrinsically safe for operators.

Manufactures and integrators do have a legal responsibility to ensure material handling systems fulfill the safety requirements in accordance with regulations, standards and directives, but it is much more important to provide an overall concept where safety meet functionality according with customers satisfaction.

Considering machinery safety in the early definition phase brings several benefits to the entire project

A safe material handling system starts in the early design phase. When the design risk assessment is created and evaluated properly and when the safety hierarchical structure is implemented correctly, it is possibile to prevent issues in a later stage that can affect not only safety but also lead time and cost.



Machinery safety has an integral character

Safety concepts shall be created by a multidisciplinary approach, input shall be given from a mechanical, electrical, controls and safety perspective. This whitepaper gives guidance for a safe design and/or integration of material handling systems. It contains relevant information which shall be considered to design a material handling system in a safe manner by following concepts and practical examples.



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