Comprehensive maintenance, support and training to get the most from automated systems

Maximizing uptime and throughput for any automated system requires careful planning – for quick-response support and regular service, as well as sourcing and developing skilled technical labor.

MHS is here to guide you through every step of that planning. Our LPS team takes a consultative approach to help customers develop the right system lifecycle plan to fit their business, from a comprehensive outsourced program to a tailored package of supplemental support. We also complete assessments to establish baselines for performance and ongoing evaluation, along with training to ensure your maintenance techs and operators are capable and engaged.

46.1% labor turnover rate Skilled warehouse labor is in limited supply and prone to especially high turnover

Maintenance solutions

From a completely outsourced maintenance program to temporary resources to augment capacity during peaks, MHS has the resident and supplemental maintenance offerings to get the most out of automated systems.

  • Resident maintenanceA turnkey maintenance offering that offers value far beyond technician salaries. Get on-site staffing, parts management, asset health tracking and long-term equipment and capital planning, all with simple single-source accountability.
  • Supplemental maintenance – Whether scaling up for peak season or other temporary increases in demand, take advantage of supplemental maintenance services from MHS to bolster your team, with expert technicians available across the country, when and where you need them.
  • CMMS – Communicate foundational run-time data to CMMS from predictive analytics for streamlined administrative and clerical work. Turn predictive analytics insights into effective, real-world action with as-needed, automatic predictive work order creation and parts ordering based on sensor and historical run-time data. Ditch calendar-based preventive maintenance for predictive and meter-based maintenance scheduling.

Technical support

When uptime is on the line, you need support you can count on – whenever and however you need it. MHS is dedicated to providing easy, quick access to expert technical support for a wide range of technologies.

  • On-site support – MHS has authorized service technicians strategically located throughout the U.S. to respond quickly to troubleshooting, repair and maintenance requests for a wide range of equipment brands and technologies.
  • Remote support – Immediate phone-based technical support available 24/7 for troubleshooting and remote guidance. Call 1-888-444-4MHS.


As material handling systems become more advanced, finding maintenance technicians with the right skillset to support them is more challenging than ever. MHS offers training to equip both new and seasoned employees with the advanced skillsets and career development structure to help produce more capable, engaged personnel.

  • On-site maintenance – Hands-on training at customer site or MHS facility, backed by detailed product documentation.
  • On-site operational – Station-based operational training to speed learning curve and equip systems engineers for success, repeated upon request.
  • Classroom – Full courses with standard or customized curriculum, complete with opportunity to learn best practices from both MHS trainers and peers.


MHS certified assessment specialists can help businesses establish baselines and reveal insights on system health, complete with proactive recommendations for repairs and capital planning. Assessments include detailed inspection documentation that lays out key findings and specific measures to remedy deficiencies.

  • Equipment condition – Evaluates the physical condition, mechanical and electrical operation of each unit in material handling systems to provide productivity and quality control scores that determine asset status and help prioritize any corrective action.
  • Safety and regulatory compliance – Reviews safety components and notes concerns and recommendations for improvement. Any critical safety deficiencies automatically result in a failing grade, as a lack of compliance can put employees and business at risk.

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The true value of outsourced maintenance

The true value of outsourced maintenance

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