How do you handle your small parcels?

Last week John decided to buy a present for his grandmother. She is a coin collector and loves owning pieces of beautiful art. After some googling John found the right pieces and, with a click, had them right into his shopping cart. John hoped to have them in time for the birthday celebration, packed in a nice box.
The story is a common example of today’s customers behaviour – small items, fast delivery –  and likely it tells about your company’s need to process a growing number of small parcels.

The ability to sort a complete product range within the required timeframe is top challenge. Today distribution centers need to handle and sort different type of parcels – with an increasing number of smalls. In addition, you need to consider the different type of sorting centers, how they work, what is their function etc.

Depending on the unique requirements, MHS sliding shoe sorter and cross belt sorter are capable of sorting the smallest and lightest parcels in the roughest environment.

HC Smalls Sorter

The MHS HC Smalls Sorter is a versatile sorting solution which differentiates itself by the high density of exits, the high capacity, low noise level and the extremely robust design. It has endless configuration possibilities due to its highly modular design. The narrow slat and the possibility to combine a high density chutes part with regular chutes at variable locations offers great potential.

HC-Loop double cell

The HC-Loop Double Cell uses sections of two cross-belt cells that can either work simultaneously to handle a single large item or independently to handle two smaller items and boost capacity. It gives operations a solution to reliably handle small items like flyers and polybags, while maintaining the flexibility to handle larger packages. The precise diverts enables the use of narrower chutes to increase density and reduce the total footprint of the system.

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