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Consolidated software functionality maximizes control and agility


As distribution and fulfillment operations become increasingly automated, the need to break through software silos grows and the line between traditional warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) blurs. Consolidated software control over key pieces like automated equipment, inventory management, and picking is crucial to providing the agility required to meet ever-increasing standards for delivery speed and accuracy.

MHS offers a software solution that meets the need for easy customization and scalability, combining a full-featured WCS enhanced with key WMS functionalities for intelligent decision making to execute a wide range of distribution center processes.




  • Fully customizable -  Take advantage of a large library of fully customizable modules to create the leanest, best-fit software solution
  • Intelligent decision-making - Control a variety of labor-driven and fully automated processes based on a real-time view of operations, offering the most efficient path to greater throughput
  • IoT-ready - Communicate with any smart, connected device

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