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With warehouses facing challenges finding and retaining labor, MHS Robotics can automate the repetitive, turnover prone tasks that are the highest-value targets for automation.

MHS Robotics combines the cutting-edge technology and agility of a startup with the industry and application knowledge of an experienced integrator. This approach delivers cutting-edge robotics that fit established material handling processes and work seamlessly as part of large, integrated systems.

Our commitment to research and development works to apply the latest advances in vision, sensing and gripping technologies to expand the capability of automation to handle increasingly complex tasks. From singulating items in preparation for sorter induction to unloading at the receiving dock and more, MHS provides innovative robotics ready to address challenges facing your business.

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Take a closer look at MHS Robotics


Robotic singulation and induction (RSAI)

Identify, pick and place individual items from bulk flow, to produce a properly oriented, single-file stream of packages for downstream automated sortation systems.

Dual robot each picking from totes

Take advantage of two six-axis robots working in tandem with a variety of end effectors to maximize picking efficiency and boost output in a variety of order fulfillment applications.

Multi-pick robotic end effector

Pick over 30 items at a time and fill several orders simultaneously, a strong fit for applications with large amounts of multi-item orders to fulfill



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How to navigate a maturing warehouse robotics market
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How to navigate a maturing warehouse robotics market

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Warehouse robotics

Warehouse robotics

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