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Today’s logistics workforce is characterized by change, with employers flexing their workforce with temps and new hires to support high growth and seasonal demands, and high employee turnover. These workers are involved in a variety of tasks and workflows, from value-added services and replenishment to order picking and receiving – and in the fast-paced, always-on world of e-commerce, they need to get up and running quickly. With competition only a click away, businesses must continually optimize processes to enable ever-faster delivery and preserve profitability.

Voice solutions have a proven track record of success with employees of varied experience levels, ages and language skills. The simple, two-way voice dialogue offers clear instruction for fast-startup and training, and a consistent high level of accuracy and performance. MHS has the operational and software expertise to provide a tailored, best-fit voice solution for your operation capable of adapting and scaling to changing business requirements and operational realities. Unlock the potential of hands-free, eyes up work to gain competitive advantage and get the most out of today’s challenging labor pool.




  • Order fulfillment - Assemble orders for e-commerce and wholesale distribution efficiently and accurately
  • Value-added services - From gift wrap to special packaging, put the final touches on direct-to-consumer orders
  • Kit assembly picking - Keep assembly and maintenance operations running at peak efficiency by moving necessary components to the right places
  • Replenishment - Keep inventory stock full to keep operations moving
  • Receiving - Direct operators driving equipment to move loads to the right places at the right time, even handling more complex workflows like cross docking

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