The modular approach for the last-mile depot

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Modular Approach

Packages must be processed fast, handled smoothly, tracked and traced and delivered safely.

For boosting operational activities and letting operators start last-mile delivery in advance, we have developed a specific modular approach (plug-and-play systems) for the last-mile depot.

By combining a predefined range of technological modules, we can design every unique sorting system: from standard modules to turnkey solutions.

The modular approach concerns the entire system: mechanical, electrical and control software modules.

Its application is at the basis of bi-directional solutions, resulting in simpler layout – where the same line operates in both directions managing inbound and outbound operations –, space savings and cost effectiveness.


The modular approach delivers quality driven, efficient solutions.  That means:

  • more reliability: the modules are based on the industrialization of the product with high-quality standard components
  • more flexibility: different layouts are possible with the same modules
  • more simplicity: few components and few spare parts
  • less time: speeding up production and installation time, as well as system upgrades
  • smart control: solutions can install predictive maintenance
  • less and easy maintenance: robust and consolidated components